Research > Organizational Ethics

Organizational ethics deals with aspects of the right, the good, and the character of organizations. This encompasses, among other areas:

Values-based organizational work

Values-based organizational work reflects and critically acknowledges the reasons a given organization regards essential for its existence. It helps transforming the organizational mission into strategic management options and daily operations.

Organizational culture work

Continuous work on the organizational culture is critical for the success of a company or part thereof. This work encompasses deliberately shaping the organization's artefacts (e.g., its architecture, dress code, language), critically reflecting the values expressed by these artefacts, and inquiring perceptions of the world and anthropological concepts behind these values.

Change work

When it comes to changes in structures, processes, and cultures, people affected strive for orientation. Change in a volatile, unstable, complex, and ambivalent world requires mindful management. Illusions of dogma-like, unchangeable conditions have to be corrected while, at the same time, integrity and identity have to be preserved.