Research > Clinical Ethics

Clinical ethics deals with aspects of the right, the good, and the character in clinical practices in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. It encompasses following areas:

Case work

Healthcare professionals are supported in making ethically significant and often complex and difficult decisions in the treatment of patients. Often, these cases concern end-of-life care questions.

Policy work

For recurring ethical problems, policies are developed and implemented in clinical institutions (e.g., recommendations, guidelines, checklists). These policies are intended to provide healthcare decision makers a certain reassurance by lying out a common standard for clinical decisions.

Training & Education

Courses and workshops in clinical ethics help healthcare professionals in dealing with ethically difficult situations. Special trainings are offered for persons willing to engage in facilitating ethics case consultations.

Research work

Methodological and evaluation concepts for clinical ethics (i.e, case work, policy work, and training) are developed. Such research work is necessary for ensuring the theoretical foundations and quality of clinical ethics.